About us

About us


Joberie.com is a platform to help professionals make smarter career decisions.

Successful careers are not just about switching jobs. One needs to make the right career decisions at the right time, but making those decisions requires proper information and insights.

We provide that information and insights with our unique product offerings like ratings and reviews of companies, salary and skill benchmarking, interview cracking tips, and company & job recommendations based on your profile.

What’s more? We have the largest collection of jobs in the market to ensure that whenever and wherever there is a great opportunity for you, you will discover it on joberie.com. So make your first move towards a successful career with Joberie.com.

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A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.

  • 1

    Largest Scale Integration

    We are working on it.

  • 2

    AI Job Suggestions

    We are almost good go.

  • 3

    Employer Rating

    User can post their rating.

  • 4

    Quick Support

    Working on one-page support.

  • 5

    Employer Dashboard

    Getting employer dashboard for our user.

  • 6

    Candidate Dashboard

    Where candidate can manage/create their resume and check status.